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 Exemple d’une réalisation de Moment Factory : le AT&T Discovery District
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Vidéo : AT&T and global architecture firm Gensler enlisted Moment Factory’s creative and technical teams to reimagine the AT&T Discovery District in downtown Dallas. 

This one of a kind plaza was redesigned to reflect the mood and energy of the community with dynamic media architecture that leverages art, light, sound and technology.

A 104 foot media wall towers as the focal point of the district, providing a high definition canvas for a variety of cinematic experiences. 

Behind the scenes, a custom made technology platform centralizes the content management system and shows controls and connects the media wall with the LED line trellis and interactive glow.

This innovative network empowers AT&T to activate individual elements or synchronize the full orchestration of video content, light and music to transform the plaza into a fully immersive digital ecosystem. 

Evolving over a 24 hour period, high impact and ambient visualizations offer moments of collective enjoyment, relaxation and exploration.

Through a partnership with Epic Games, our teams were able to unlock the potential of the unreal video game engine, opening up endless narrative portals for discovery. 

Wind and solar data powers a rendering of a vibrant neighborhood that inspires onlookers to imagine how natural energy can be used to transform cities by approaching data as a storytelling tool.

We can create generative multimedia content, based on real time inputs, fuzing physical and digital worlds together, blurring the boundary between real and unreal. The facade shifts into moving blocks, morphs into a colossal digital statue and voyages through space on currents of solar, wind data. Creating ever evolving content.

In the evenings, a digital dance performance takes over the square with sequences that explore the complex relationship between humans and technology. Each journey gives a subtle nod to AT&T history and future. 

One district. Endless discovery.


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