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Présentation de travaux de Franz Fischnaller
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Franz Fischnaller : Here we are going into… this is a grapefruit, okay ?  

So I am like Caravaggio back in time, he was the first one who painted also the worms and the putrefaction of the fruits. 

We are scanning fruits now, and make gigantic immersive environments of going into fruits and speak about nature. 

And this is a team that I’m dealing next about how we are living in nature, how we are part of nature, and so I go from the human body, into the fruit, and I can tell a lot of stories, and I find out a lot of connection of the networking in between the fruits and sort of connection between these. And this is another project I’m proposing.

Here, I switch as the time is running short.

As we speak about metaverse, as we speak about living in space, in between digital beings and avatars and things like that, and having a bigger imagination and getting away from our daily life and get emotionally involved and all these things… so I have been called to generate the concept for bringing space to earth.

So I designed this city here, which is about one kilometer and a half of diameter, and I designed several components. 

And the architecture of this masterplan here is that when you are on these different buildings, under different piazzas, you have the feeling you are out of space, because the perspective and the inclination of the buildings are briefly chosen buildings. 

So this is the design of the buildings I made, the bridges, the buildings. These are the concepts I developed, because I use fully the technology, and all the parallax and all these kind of things to develop the buildings.

So this building came out of this sort of metaphor before. This is another building I developed out of reconstructing dynamics from the space, because I’m working also with experts from the NASA. 

And I want to bring basically… the people that they don’t have to go up to space, but they can live into Earth and get with simulation – because we have all the technology nowadays – that we can bring in simulators here.

Here, this is a planetarium. I put it upside down because I want to bring the people with robotical seats into the star world, into the stars, and really tell the story about cosmic and things like that.

So they are sitting into a three dimensional environment stereoscopically. So you are fully immersed. 

This is a hotel that you never have to look out of the window, but you look out in space because you continually imagine any space and only things. 

And the concept is to make this project that people look back to earth and they find out what are humans, what Earth is about. 

And so you can, like a satellite view, you are getting back to space and to speak about that.

Présentateur : Frédéric Josué (Président de 18M.io)

Intervenant : Franz Fischnaller (Creative director, Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig)


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