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Riedel Communication : l’exemple de l’America’s Cup
immersif | immersion | metaverse | nft | réalité augmentée |

Thomas Riedel : The America’s Cup is one of the recent examples where we produced the whole event for live television and we used all the data of the boats, we had all the information about the position of the boat, and basically everything you can think of, whether it’s wind or a temperature and the exact position.

We had the audio of all the athletes, all the sailors, and we mixed all the information and we could use that in producing graphics on the water. 

And interesting enough, we had pictures from a helicopter, and on these pictures of the helicopter, we had to put the graphics. Which means that you have to know exactly and very precise where that camera is, otherwise you can’t calculate how and where to put the graphics.

Présentateur : Alexandre Michelin (Fondateur KIF Festival)

Intervenant : Thomas Riedel (CEO de Riedel Communication)


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